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Welcome to my World!

I just can't help myself any longer. I catch news stories, browse social media posts, listen to people talk and look at the world around me and it kinda sucks...

When, in our history of evolution, did we learn (or get convinced) we needed a dictatorship system, a 'governing body' to tell us what we are allowed to do, how we are supposed to live, what are rights and freedoms are and how we are allowed to use them? When did we globally realize that we haven't the intelligence to act accordingly toward our fellow humans? Please, think to yourself, can you go out into the world and function without taking something from someone else to better your position?

Most of you will think, 'Oh sure, I can do that easy!' But I'll bet you're full of crap. You can convince yourself all you want you are a great person but how many times do you hold the door for someone else, knowing that it will put you a step or two farther back in the line for your coffee? How impatient do you get when the service you are inquiring about isn't coming fast enough? How much do you care when someone else suffers and loses the things they've worked for?

Can you give more of yourself than you want? Probably not. Most of us can't because there is someplace we want to be, not just for ourselves but for our families. That's where I'm at in this life.

There is a lot of people on this planet and we can be organized into groups of similar interests. If we associated ourselves with those people interested in accomplishing the same thing as us, how much faster do you think we would get there? Once we got there, how much time would we then have to help someone else.

I understand those of you who would fire back at me with, 'we need government and laws because of all the bad people.' I get that. I also get that 'bad people' have somewhere along the line been convinced they need to do what they do - steal, rape, murder, abuse. Actions that feed an unsatisfied ego and that is behaviour that needs to be kept in check in some form. I'm not a psychologist but couldn't we devise a method of convincing these people they don't need to act out this way for self-gratification? There is so much more in life to offer a greater sense of satisfaction than harming someone else.

Really, that's what I want to know. I'm not providing answers to the world's problems because I don't have them. I'm pointing out that it's ass backwards and needs to change. I'm suggesting there are better ways to do things where everyone prospers. Something the 'system' doesn't want for us because we would be more difficult to control.

Seriously, what's up with the control thing anyway? Why does somebody have to rule it all?

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