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What goes on here...

HareBrain Ideas is a strange and wonderful place for the free thinkers. This site is the product of an idea, a place of information exchange and the finding of knowledge and general enlightenment of the world around us.

The Ideas here are about the collective and shared thoughts concerning how we perceive our existence. With fair warning, these thoughts may be unorthodox and 'HareBrain'-ed but they are by no means new to us. In fact, some have survived the ages as far as 2500 years ago by a wise man named Lao Tzu who saw the world in a differently and wrote down his perceptions to share with those who felt the same.

Countless more people have come to believe the world and the systems we have developed to manage it no longer seem fitting. There's a feeling that there is a better way, derived from ideas of peace and unity. This place of ideas welcomes you to share and help establish new ground where human-kind can can flourish free of a less forgiving society.

HareBrain Ideas involves the worlds that make up me. Writer, thinker, connector and nerd. I feel I have something to say and I'm going to say it here. Follow me if you wish, share me if it pleases you, shun me if it suits you.

Another, more sensitive side reaches toward the development of a better world through making better choices and living healthier. I have never been more devoted to health and happiness as I have been since the start of 2015 and I want to share and find like minds who believe we can change the world.

In that spirit, there are two parts to HareBrain Ideas - the main website with all of the information and discussions about why I don't think the world makes sense, and the sections about living better and healthier. I don't want to focus largely on how screwed up the planet is because that tends to lead to arguments and hate and I don't want to be about that. I wish to make people aware of it, share in some confirmation that it is happening. I do want to focus on how we can live together as a functioning society without the butt load of turmoil and political mess. There's just not enough wet naps on the planet...

I welcome all visitors (except spammers and those who bear ill intent on good people - review your choices then come back) who look to learn, look to add to their collections and those who look to share their life stories.