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The Empathic Mind

Constant frustration. Either fighting the urge to cry or scream at the world. How did we get so confused? Where did we go? What happened to the quintessential quality that made us human? We are but shadows of our true selves, twisted and corrupted and incapable of feeling for another.

Yet the empath, who feels most of all, who walks the Earth in constant pain and turmoil at the loss of emotion between people, who hears the anguish of the Earth itself, its own pain struggling to find a voice amidst the chaos and senseless slaughter. He who endures a state of mind where words cannot be found to express the agitation within.

Each of us has felt loss. Loss of friends, loss of family, loss of property. It has weighed on us because it was something personal, something that affected us on a deeper level, touched the inner parts of us. Personal things. The mind of the empath feels beyond himself and that makes him more connected, more burdened with grief and despair when flicking past media posts and news reports where maiming and mass murder are easier tasks now than a thousand years ago, for the sake of duty or religion.

Or corruption.

Or power.

Frustration comes from seeing a self-proclaimed higher society manipulating a hard working people for a vote, playing for the opportunity to create a better society but falling very short on their promise. Frustration comes from the absolute failure to understand the how's and why's of the behaviours. People sacrificing the lives and livelihoods, the welfare and freedoms of other people for fear of losing control of something people should never believe they should have control over. Organizations that need to prey on our sympathies to loosen more change out of our pockets and corporations that push chemicals at us that do more harm than good. Yet they ban natural remedies because they cannot be controlled or regulated and substantially profited from. When was destroying a life for gain, be it political or personal, a far better enterprise than encouraging one to be the best it can be?

How far have we gone? Manipulation, deceit, slander, unrest, turmoil, chaos, murder... anything and everything but peace, freedom, simplicity, civility. Divine rights to be human, to be better than we are. How difficult can it be to just see how better it is to live as true equals, to exist not for self but for selfless?

We have seen what can be accomplished working together, why is that not the everyday practice? Why is that not taught to the children instead of teaching them how to better obey?

The empath sees the beauty of the simple and the calm. There is peace in not striving, in less worry and where riches come not from monetary gain but from a serene mind, altruism and a belief that all things are already being taken care of. Gains are not made by thievery, power is not obtained through force and being a better human being is not achieved by destroying another.

This is the mind of the empath.

From a post I put on

Impressive. Alberta’s armageddon at the hands of the Liberals. I hope Trudeau is proud of the fact that he will go down in history as the guy who sunk a nation. I hope all those who voted him in are able to look back and admit maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. That, at least I can forgive. I still have children who have to survive this crap and I’m almost against them having children for there is no future here for them. Worst yet, how many other countries recognize what’s happening and are only lining up for Trudeau’s handouts, like the U.S. who are banking on Canada’s failures to reap financial gain.

This is the system, where all humanity is at an end and the rich and powerful rulers stand above and boast their great leadership. There can be no pride where the lifting of one’s status is on top of the bones of the oppressed. Hope has become the shadow of a bygone era. Democracy is dead, has been for a long time now. Canada is no longer a proud nation but a failed business venture, gambled away by an inexperienced and under-educated narcissist without true life knowledge and fortunate enough to have sucked from a silver tit. I doubt the Trudeau name will ever be more than the putrid bile taste after the stomach has nothing left to throw up.

Carbon Tax Ralley

December 3, 2016. I was at the carbon tax rally in Edmonton from 1pm to 3pm. Just under 3000 people arrived from different areas in hopes to put a stop to Notley's carbon tax from proceeding. It was the first time I got involved in such things and I really am glad I went. Not only to feel like I am taking a small part in making changes to our current system but to also get a better idea of what use these gatherings are. Truthfully, I remain at odds and I will tell you why.

Because I firmly hold a belief there is a better way, I don't really understand why we have to gather in protest against something our leaders are pushing upon us in the first place. In a true democratic system, they should see we don't want this new tax and scrap it. The fact that Notley is completely ignoring us is no longer democratic. I heard the word 'socialist' used at the rally but I like the term 'communist' as is seems to be more fitting but I suppose they are one in the same. If democracy was truly exercised in our current governments, we would have no need to rally. Right? A government is no longer governing when it acts against the will of the people, it is then a dictatorship.

The national anthem was played and everybody was asked to sing along but I could not. I understand we were brought up to worship these symbols because they signify where we live and who we are as a people but I just don't share that idea. I don't think on such a small scale. It's not because I am unpatriotic and I don't believe in Canada as a nation it's just, presently, I don't see Canada as a nation, I only see a corporation and I see no gain in putting any amount of faith or energy into believing in a corporate logo. They separate us, by admitting 'I am Canadian' gives the impression that I am on a different human level than an American, or a Mexican, Russian, or German. It extinguishes the belief that we are all created equal but we still push that line on people when everything we have and do counters the concept. I only see a human nation, period.

Yet I saw the good in people. A collection of folks who gathered under common purpose trying to make a difference in the quality of their lives and everyone else involved who couldn't make it. Those who stand up for something with all their hearts inspire me and that's something I saw. People will gather to support and fight for what they believe in when it comes down to it. Notley will have a fight on her hands because I also believe when people are pushed too far, they push back. We braved the chilly afternoon to say our peace while the leaders stayed indoors and ignored us or weren't even there to hear us in the first place. Clearly, Notley's schedule is different than ours.

Although many excellent points were addressed on how the carbon tax is going to do us more harm than good in pretty much every aspect, that had me wondering what the end game has to be for the NDP. Are they pushing to end democracy on purpose? Are they merely extending their power because they believe they have it? Is there some big payoff from the national banks to make Canada broke and corrupt? Maybe the people are not yet enough like sheep and they are herding us in. Or, they just need us to get madder and start a revolt to give them authority to exercise martial law. Either way, somebody has to be gaining something from this fiasco and it sure ain't us.

Despite having a couple of conservatives flaunting their bids for election and telling us what we want to hear to secure our decisions, the most passionate speaker by far was Bernard 'the Roughneck' who told it like it is as one of us who experience the tribulations firsthand. The part of his speech that got me was when he mentioned how we are expected to rally peacefully, which was the overlying message right from the start of the whole rally -  keep the peace. And that's how it went down, it was impressively civilized for the entire two hours. But then I thought about that and just how fine that line is, how difficult it is to stay within the confines of the law when new laws and new regulations are being created regularly. It's like they hope, they want us to break the law by constricting us more, by tightening the noose so we can't possibly make a move or decision without doing so. No single person can possibly remember every law so they don't break any of them. We don't need that many, we need to trust in ourselves as sentient beings capable of doing better.

But that's just what I believe.

Change of Seasons - From Tyranny to Peace

I peruse through facebook posts, catch snippets of news here and there about the condition of Alberta under current rule - don't kid yourself, we are being ruled, not governed. The east is doing all it can to shut down the west. Over a hundred thousand jobs lost because they don't seem to like our industry. Families without income cannot support themselves and all of their hard work over the years is foreclosed, reclaimed or just stolen back to pay off the remainder of a loan that was paid the day the contract was signed at the bank. There is no concern where those families are going to live or get their next meal - that's their problem. We starve, they vote themselves raises and tax cuts.

That is cruel.

Doubled with that fact, there is very little we can do without having a 'permission slip' (driver's license, passports, marriage license, birth certificate, social insurance number, fishing license, gun license...) despite the fact that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written to say otherwise. The System gives itself the right to raid our homes, take our property, send us to war or enforce, unlawfully, harsher laws and regulations that further restrict those Human Rights. All so The System can feel better they are doing something to ensure their own safety from revolution and uprising. Enforcing more control is their answer and they disguise it as 'for our protection'. We have to comply under threat of the 'law' - meaning they will come with guns and abusive behaviour to put us back in our place, remind us who's in control.


That is oppressive.

Merriam-Webster defines TYRANT as:


             a. an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution

             b. a usurper of sovereignty


             a. a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally

             b. one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power


Cambridge Dictionary:

             a ruler who has unlimited power over other people, and uses it unfairly and cruelly.


This is the state we are in. Ruled by tyrants who exist only for the pursuit of power and control. We can continue to just share opinions about it on social media since most of us are very aware of what's going on; we can continue to allow them their reign of tyranny, feed their belief they have us convinced they work for our interests as a 'sovereign nation'; we can begin to inform them they are acting immorally, unjustly and unlawfully by reminding them we have Human Rights and those rights come before the law.

I don't have the answers on how to get us there but I sure would like to ban together with common people and figure it out - peacefully, morally, justly and for the benefit of all.

Where is your mind today?

It has been proven that the state of your mind is directly related to the state of your life.

The quality of your thoughts is directly proportional to the quality of your life. Ever wonder why a tibetan monk is always peaceful and at rest? Never stressed about what's going in his life or what he needs to do... Because his thoughts are always of peace and happiness. Thusly, peace and happiness are his life.

This same practice can be utilized in every facet of our lives. Think of your life right now. What is the quality of your thoughts? Are you always thinking about how to get more, how to be better than someone else, do you always see the flaws in other people and discuss them when they aren't around? Are you the driver who tries to get there first and gets upset when someone is slowing you down, or tries to go first at a 4-way stop, or has no problem making someone else slow down so get onto the road?

If you could (and you can) look at your life from a 3rd person perspective - objectively - would you see a person you could get along with? A person you could befriend and trust?

Always having to have more and be better are goals of the ego. If a friend shows you their new car and you have that thought in the back of your mind of jealousy because it may be better than yours, pay attention to where that thought is coming from and what that thought is feeding. It won't be your spirit and good nature I can assure you - it will be your ego. Your ego is your own worst enemy. It tells you you aren't good enough or not pretty enough or you don't have enough, that is why you strive for more, unfortunately you will never have enough because your ego is never satiated. If you start to pay attention to this, you will begin to understand.

The same can be said for control. Does a person with power ever want to give it up? That's their ego driving them. The same as the person without power who wants it. Evil behaviour comes from such desire - lies, deciept, hate, jealousy... These do not nurture the good that everybody is capable of. In the face of disaster, would you or someone you know be the person who bands together with others to survive or would you be the person who loots and destroys others so you can survive?

There is so much more on this topic and I will add more for I believe if we change our thoughts from what we want from life, to how life should be, we will find peace, happiness and greater prosperity without the pressing urges of the ego.

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