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The Little Book Series

The Little Book Series is going to be a collection of my thoughts, research and beliefs about the world around us. To the depths of my soul I cannot make sense of this system of man controlling man. I wholeheartedly believe there is a better way that has always been intended for us but we have not progressively evolved enough to achieve it.

But we are beginning.

The whole world is seeing a new shift in perception. It's taking time, just like evolution, but it is something that spreading globally that reinvigorates the hope that we are getting there. The Little Book Series, starting with Joe's Sh!t Life, will be a collective works on how I see things, how I have come to believe the world doesn't make sense and how I believe we can get to a better place. It all comes down to abolishing the ideals that separate us in the first place - money, titles, religions, race, nationalities - ideals that cause greed, corruption and hate.

Book One - Joe's Sh!t Life

Taking a look at the condition of our lives, we cannot all say with complete honesty that our existence is not full of crap. Crappy attitude, crappy lifestyle, crappy job, crappy outlook... we vent all that on social media ignoring the fact that social media could, and should, be a means of bringing the world closer together.

It's our outlook and reactions to moment-to-moment events that shape who we are and how we develop as human beings and over the last couple of centuries, we have become a more miserable, opinionated, self-centred and entitled species who have lost the essential defining property of what it is to be human - humanity. A quality driven out of us by a relentless system that works to separate and control through fear and oppression. It may not be as obvious on the surface but when we look behind the curtain, we see the true face of our demise.

Joe's Sh!t Life addresses this concern by offering a blunt and witty eye-opener to this disturbing reality, thoughts on why it happened and ideas on how we can shift our perspective back to the natural order of our true potential. We are all equally worth so much more, we are full of so much more - than crap. Why we chose to bury such value for the empty promise of fulfillment through disparagement of others is the true growing threat in civilization. How do we wipe it clean?

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Small book, huge message

As I started to read this book , I had to finish it in one sitting as the issues are so dear to my heart. With so much upheaval in our country and world, many of us are searching for answers! This book puts into perspective in simplistic terms how and why so many of us feel the impact due to our surrounding circumstances which appear to be out of our control....but are they really? The book instills the message of peace and hope within ourselves, through self empowerment and caring for one another through a personal commitment to be better humans and remove the delusion that we are any less deserving than our self entitled leaders. As described in this book, coming together searching for like minds and not letting anger, hate and self pity divide us, as well look for the right of innocence and freedom we were born with! An awesome read for anyone who wants the strength to start on the path to freedom....

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