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The Empathic Mind

Constant frustration. Either fighting the urge to cry or scream at the world. How did we get so confused? Where did we go? What happened to the quintessential quality that made us human? We are but shadows of our true selves, twisted and corrupted and incapable of feeling for another.

Yet the emp…

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From a post I put on

Impressive. Alberta’s armageddon at the hands of the Liberals. I hope Trudeau is proud of the fact that he will go down in history as the guy who sunk a nation. I hope all those who voted him in are able to look back and admit maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. That, at least I can forgive. I still…

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Carbon Tax Ralley

December 3, 2016. I was at the carbon tax rally in Edmonton from 1pm to 3pm. Just under 3000 people arrived from different areas in hopes to put a stop to Notley's carbon tax from proceeding. It was the first time I got involved in such things and I really am glad I went. Not only to feel like I a…

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Change of Seasons - From Tyranny to Peace

I peruse through facebook posts, catch snippets of news here and there about the condition of Alberta under current rule - don't kid yourself, we are being ruled, not governed. The east is doing all it can to shut down the west. Over a hundred thousand jobs lost because they don't seem to like our…

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Where is your mind today?

It has been proven that the state of your mind is directly related to the state of your life.

The quality of your thoughts is directly proportional to the quality of your life. Ever wonder why a tibetan monk is always peaceful and at rest? Never stressed about what's going in his life or what h…

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