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Carbon Tax Ralley

December 3, 2016. I was at the carbon tax rally in Edmonton from 1pm to 3pm. Just under 3000 people arrived from different areas in hopes to put a stop to Notley's carbon tax from proceeding. It was the first time I got involved in such things and I really am glad I went. Not only to feel like I am taking a small part in making changes to our current system but to also get a better idea of what use these gatherings are. Truthfully, I remain at odds and I will tell you why.

Because I firmly hold a belief there is a better way, I don't really understand why we have to gather in protest against something our leaders are pushing upon us in the first place. In a true democratic system, they should see we don't want this new tax and scrap it. The fact that Notley is completely ignoring us is no longer democratic. I heard the word 'socialist' used at the rally but I like the term 'communist' as is seems to be more fitting but I suppose they are one in the same. If democracy was truly exercised in our current governments, we would have no need to rally. Right? A government is no longer governing when it acts against the will of the people, it is then a dictatorship.

The national anthem was played and everybody was asked to sing along but I could not. I understand we were brought up to worship these symbols because they signify where we live and who we are as a people but I just don't share that idea. I don't think on such a small scale. It's not because I am unpatriotic and I don't believe in Canada as a nation it's just, presently, I don't see Canada as a nation, I only see a corporation and I see no gain in putting any amount of faith or energy into believing in a corporate logo. They separate us, by admitting 'I am Canadian' gives the impression that I am on a different human level than an American, or a Mexican, Russian, or German. It extinguishes the belief that we are all created equal but we still push that line on people when everything we have and do counters the concept. I only see a human nation, period.

Yet I saw the good in people. A collection of folks who gathered under common purpose trying to make a difference in the quality of their lives and everyone else involved who couldn't make it. Those who stand up for something with all their hearts inspire me and that's something I saw. People will gather to support and fight for what they believe in when it comes down to it. Notley will have a fight on her hands because I also believe when people are pushed too far, they push back. We braved the chilly afternoon to say our peace while the leaders stayed indoors and ignored us or weren't even there to hear us in the first place. Clearly, Notley's schedule is different than ours.

Although many excellent points were addressed on how the carbon tax is going to do us more harm than good in pretty much every aspect, that had me wondering what the end game has to be for the NDP. Are they pushing to end democracy on purpose? Are they merely extending their power because they believe they have it? Is there some big payoff from the national banks to make Canada broke and corrupt? Maybe the people are not yet enough like sheep and they are herding us in. Or, they just need us to get madder and start a revolt to give them authority to exercise martial law. Either way, somebody has to be gaining something from this fiasco and it sure ain't us.

Despite having a couple of conservatives flaunting their bids for election and telling us what we want to hear to secure our decisions, the most passionate speaker by far was Bernard 'the Roughneck' who told it like it is as one of us who experience the tribulations firsthand. The part of his speech that got me was when he mentioned how we are expected to rally peacefully, which was the overlying message right from the start of the whole rally -  keep the peace. And that's how it went down, it was impressively civilized for the entire two hours. But then I thought about that and just how fine that line is, how difficult it is to stay within the confines of the law when new laws and new regulations are being created regularly. It's like they hope, they want us to break the law by constricting us more, by tightening the noose so we can't possibly make a move or decision without doing so. No single person can possibly remember every law so they don't break any of them. We don't need that many, we need to trust in ourselves as sentient beings capable of doing better.

But that's just what I believe.

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