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Impressive. Alberta’s armageddon at the hands of the Liberals. I hope Trudeau is proud of the fact that he will go down in history as the guy who sunk a nation. I hope all those who voted him in are able to look back and admit maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. That, at least I can forgive. I still have children who have to survive this crap and I’m almost against them having children for there is no future here for them. Worst yet, how many other countries recognize what’s happening and are only lining up for Trudeau’s handouts, like the U.S. who are banking on Canada’s failures to reap financial gain.

This is the system, where all humanity is at an end and the rich and powerful rulers stand above and boast their great leadership. There can be no pride where the lifting of one’s status is on top of the bones of the oppressed. Hope has become the shadow of a bygone era. Democracy is dead, has been for a long time now. Canada is no longer a proud nation but a failed business venture, gambled away by an inexperienced and under-educated narcissist without true life knowledge and fortunate enough to have sucked from a silver tit. I doubt the Trudeau name will ever be more than the putrid bile taste after the stomach has nothing left to throw up.

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