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The Empathic Mind

Constant frustration. Either fighting the urge to cry or scream at the world. How did we get so confused? Where did we go? What happened to the quintessential quality that made us human? We are but shadows of our true selves, twisted and corrupted and incapable of feeling for another.

Yet the empath, who feels most of all, who walks the Earth in constant pain and turmoil at the loss of emotion between people, who hears the anguish of the Earth itself, its own pain struggling to find a voice amidst the chaos and senseless slaughter. He who endures a state of mind where words cannot be found to express the agitation within.

Each of us has felt loss. Loss of friends, loss of family, loss of property. It has weighed on us because it was something personal, something that affected us on a deeper level, touched the inner parts of us. Personal things. The mind of the empath feels beyond himself and that makes him more connected, more burdened with grief and despair when flicking past media posts and news reports where maiming and mass murder are easier tasks now than a thousand years ago, for the sake of duty or religion.

Or corruption.

Or power.

Frustration comes from seeing a self-proclaimed higher society manipulating a hard working people for a vote, playing for the opportunity to create a better society but falling very short on their promise. Frustration comes from the absolute failure to understand the how's and why's of the behaviours. People sacrificing the lives and livelihoods, the welfare and freedoms of other people for fear of losing control of something people should never believe they should have control over. Organizations that need to prey on our sympathies to loosen more change out of our pockets and corporations that push chemicals at us that do more harm than good. Yet they ban natural remedies because they cannot be controlled or regulated and substantially profited from. When was destroying a life for gain, be it political or personal, a far better enterprise than encouraging one to be the best it can be?

How far have we gone? Manipulation, deceit, slander, unrest, turmoil, chaos, murder... anything and everything but peace, freedom, simplicity, civility. Divine rights to be human, to be better than we are. How difficult can it be to just see how better it is to live as true equals, to exist not for self but for selfless?

We have seen what can be accomplished working together, why is that not the everyday practice? Why is that not taught to the children instead of teaching them how to better obey?

The empath sees the beauty of the simple and the calm. There is peace in not striving, in less worry and where riches come not from monetary gain but from a serene mind, altruism and a belief that all things are already being taken care of. Gains are not made by thievery, power is not obtained through force and being a better human being is not achieved by destroying another.

This is the mind of the empath.

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