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Where is your mind today?

It has been proven that the state of your mind is directly related to the state of your life.

The quality of your thoughts is directly proportional to the quality of your life. Ever wonder why a tibetan monk is always peaceful and at rest? Never stressed about what's going in his life or what he needs to do... Because his thoughts are always of peace and happiness. Thusly, peace and happiness are his life.

This same practice can be utilized in every facet of our lives. Think of your life right now. What is the quality of your thoughts? Are you always thinking about how to get more, how to be better than someone else, do you always see the flaws in other people and discuss them when they aren't around? Are you the driver who tries to get there first and gets upset when someone is slowing you down, or tries to go first at a 4-way stop, or has no problem making someone else slow down so get onto the road?

If you could (and you can) look at your life from a 3rd person perspective - objectively - would you see a person you could get along with? A person you could befriend and trust?

Always having to have more and be better are goals of the ego. If a friend shows you their new car and you have that thought in the back of your mind of jealousy because it may be better than yours, pay attention to where that thought is coming from and what that thought is feeding. It won't be your spirit and good nature I can assure you - it will be your ego. Your ego is your own worst enemy. It tells you you aren't good enough or not pretty enough or you don't have enough, that is why you strive for more, unfortunately you will never have enough because your ego is never satiated. If you start to pay attention to this, you will begin to understand.

The same can be said for control. Does a person with power ever want to give it up? That's their ego driving them. The same as the person without power who wants it. Evil behaviour comes from such desire - lies, deciept, hate, jealousy... These do not nurture the good that everybody is capable of. In the face of disaster, would you or someone you know be the person who bands together with others to survive or would you be the person who loots and destroys others so you can survive?

There is so much more on this topic and I will add more for I believe if we change our thoughts from what we want from life, to how life should be, we will find peace, happiness and greater prosperity without the pressing urges of the ego.

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