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Our goal here is to educate the common individual on survival techniques set not by extensively trained military soldiers (though they are a wealth of knowledge and experience), but from more common people for common people. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, chances are you are not an ex-military individual trained to know how to survive. We do have some military training and that is important to provide you with better knowledge and experience if you are to ever face these challenges but it is also important to learn from experience built on common ground.

This site and it's affiliate projects is therefore, a learning platform where Ordinary Guys (OG) teach ordinary people how to survive potentially life-threatening environments. From the mindset of first realizing you are in an emergency situation to everything you need to know and do to stay alive until you are rescued.

Kevin G Hare

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Writing isn't something you just do, it's something you feel. It's not about creating a story but getting so caught up in the process it creates itself and takes you on the journey. You are just there to press the appropriate keys on the keyboard.

Writing is an art form in it's own right. There is craft, labour and style, there is failure and triumph and more often than not, there is great satisfaction at the completed piece. It is sometimes very difficult to explain why we must write a story whe there are so many completed stories already we could just read. Where is the interest in knowing how the story is going to end? Where the plot twists are going to come into play and who gets it in the end?

Because it's the journey. Like every artist honing their craft, it is in the joy of creating a masterpiece.

Prepare For Emergency

At Prepare for Emergency our mission is to help individuals, families, and even organizations to feel prepared for any emergency situation.  We strive to be more than just products and services; but rather resources, networks, and communities all targeted to helping you to be prepared for emergency situations such as natural disaster, civil unrest, or even a zombie apocalypse! The world can be uncertain but it doesn't have to be scary.